Client Info

Tehlex is a FinTech platform that caters to a large network of individuals willing to trade gift cards and other cryptocurrencies. The brand wanted a new approach to its marketing strategy in a way that was far from conventional and at the same time, still very human, capturing the hearts of not just their existing clients but prospective ones as well. 90% Value Reduction Validation


We came up with the big idea, “you’ve come this far, let’s take you farther”, where we acknowledged their wins so far and went on to assure them of even more wins. We leveraged sponsoring some popular events where we can find our target audience. 

We leveraged campus tours and social media campaigns.

We conducted several AMAs and Twitter spaces programs to help people understand what the brand does. 



The campaign quickly gained acceptance, garnering over 20,000 impressions during the first 24 hours. Tehlex social media handles followers significantly increased by 75% across Instagram and over 60% across Twitter. During our 3 months of the campaign, Tehlex recorded one of the highest numbers of trades.