Nt tech



NT Technology is a crypto-based platform that is focused on the safe trading of cryptocurrencies. They wanted a digital marketing strategy to help them scale their product to the next level. Cryptocurrency trading is a business that works on credibility. Clients need to know that NT technology can be trusted before trading can be made.



The idea was to position NT Technologies as a trusted brand where people can safelycome and trade without any fear of scams. We worked on brand authority, leveraging key social media influencers in the cryptocurrency space. We built a network of community and audited the social media handles of NT Technology. We strategically posted testimonials on NT Technology’s social media handles. We created a contest for people to participate. This contest helped to increase brand awareness. We also worked on building a website for the brand to help build brand credibility.



The result was massive as the brand made a record profit of 65% within the first 2 months. Vendors and other clients, majorly from Twitter and Instagram, traded with the brand.