Metaelfland is a crypto gaming platform that is looking to make it easy for people to play games and earn money in the process using the play-to-earn model. When they approached us, they had no presence in Africa.



We carried out a feasibility study & strategically positioned them within the African crypto space. We successfully introduce them into the largest crypto market in the African space, the Nigerian crypto market. We created extensive research detailing the different areas that can be leveraged for market entry. We also partnered with notable influencers within the crypto platforms to help get the message across to our target audience. We formed 20 ambassadors for Metaelfland across different campuses in Nigeria, Africa. We created a billboard in the city of Lagos, the second most populated city in Africa. Successfully ran different online and offline campaigns for the launch of their NFT.  



We successfully increased their brand awareness and got more than 50 sign-ups for the white list and a high conversion rate of people who bought the NFT.