Fxcryptonews is a crypto and Forex niche website dedicated to educating crypto enthusiasts and keeping them up to date with news, press releases and other organic posts. They wanted to increase their website traffic, reach more potential crypto enthusiasts and educate them about the potential that exists in the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, Nfts and metaverse.



The idea was to make the website a major authority in the cryptocurrency space in Africa and globally. We wanted this website to be the go-to platform for crypto enthusiasts to come and learn and a site where other agencies or startups can come and share crypto-related resources.
Atuzal embarked on this project by using different channels to create and distribute news from the website. Social media platforms like Twitter were leveraged using the right hashtags. Some news aggregators and Facebook pages were used to share links to valuable content on the website. Quora and Pinterest are also very resourceful in sharing content. Keyword research was done to write SEO-friendly articles.



The idea led to massive traffic to the website. The website had more Domain Authority and recorded 200k+ views within the first 2 months. The SEO increased, leading to major blockchain and crypto organization partnerships.