Crypto evangelist is a crypto brand dedicated to educating users on cryptocurrency. The brand wanted to increase its awareness of its target audience using different social media platforms. The brand’s aim is to be an authority within and outside Africa in the cryptocurrency space where other crypto start-ups can come and talk about their projects. 



Atuzal media started the project by managing the brand’s social media pages across all social media platforms. Considering the brand’s target audience, Twitter and Instagram were the significant platforms that were leveraged. By conducting AMAs and giveaways, we strategically optimized the crypto evangelist brand by making it one of the most popular crypto influencer brands in Nigeria. We also created a Telegram group where we regularly keep people abreast of the latest activities within the cryptocurrency space.



Crypto evangelist has gone from strength to strength with the brand’s Twitter handle recording a significant 500% increase in followers as well as brand awareness during this period. As a result, the brand’s Telegram group recorded an influx of more than 1000 crypto enthusiasts who are willing to learn about cryptocurrency. The crypto evangelist brand has successfully onboarded some crypto start-ups who are eager to leverage the brand’s platforms to talk about their products and services.